It is incredibly difficult for us to tell you why Scouts EMS is so successful. Instead, please read the honest and unedited testimonials of some of our event managers below!

"As a District Scout leader I was keen to find a system that catered to the requirements of a larger scale event. We run a district scout camp every year and EMS was just what we needed. Previously we had relied on paper systems, more recently moving to spreadsheets and emails to communicate with YP, parents and leaders. We promoted the event in January, started the admin in February and I would spend most evenings dealing with issues right up to a week before camp. Since moving to EMS I now have my evenings back, communications are a simple click of a few buttons and the system does the rest.

By having the system on site we can have all of the YP’s details to hand. First aid incidents are dealt with quickly and if needed the YP details can be printed and handed to a leader in a matter of minutes. In addition to this a dedicated first aider can carry a mobile tablet and have access to the information on in an instant (vital when dealing with allergic reactions or more complex incidents). Dietary requirements are well managed, the YP are scanned in meal queues with the dietary information popping up on screen. The catering team can then be made aware of specific requirements and the right meal is provided with minimal fuss. The catering team can also view live statistics on how many meals are still to be served and this vastly reduces the amount of food waste and in turn reduces catering budgets/cost per head.

The added bonus to using EMS is the flexibility. There is admin support available with knowledgeable answers provided and the system administrator is open to suggestions for improvement or adaptations. It would appear that I am not the only one impressed with EMS as more and more people see the benefits."

Brian Lewis - Forwards

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